Focus Nordic new distributor for Saramonic audio gear

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Microphones, portable recorders and other audio accessories for video production are the main products of Saramonic. A rather new brand that in a short time has become renown for high quality and yet affordable products.

Focus Nordic has the great pleasure to announce that we have been appointed distributor of Saramonic audio gear in all of the countries where we operate; Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Saramonic has specialized in providing high-quality audio gear for professionals and consumers alike and has established a solid reputation as a manufacturer of innovative, yet cost effective products that doesn’t cut corners by compromising on quality. The company has an array of audio adapters for DSLR cameras and camcorders, as well as special purpose microphones for use with smartphones, tablets and GoPro's.

A few words from Focus Nordic about the new product range

We are in a Renaissance of content creation and storytelling with virtually everyone having access to photo and video creation tools. As people develop their skills, they need higher quality and more versatile and specialized tools to pursue their passions.

Adding audio gear to our broad range of products serving filmmakers, content creators and photographers is a no-brainer for us as we work to set the pace for the ever increasing needs of our end users. With content creators and videographers looking to deliver the best possible audio as well as many photographers moving into video, Saramonic is a logical partner and we are proud and delighted to help them grow in our market.”

About Saramonic

Saramonic is a professional and innovative manufacturer of sound equipment, founded in 2014 and based in Shenzhen China. The company focuses on producing audio adapters, high-end microphones (also Lavelier types), mixers, portable recorders and other audio accessories for video production, including devises to increase the audio quality from smartphones and tablets.

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