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Ricoh/Pentax RICOH THETA SC2

RICOH THETA SC2 is an easy-to-use model, perfect for anyone who wants to enter the fantastic world of 360° imaging and enjoy sharing them on social media

The world is not square or rectangle so why limit yourself to that view in your photos and videos? Ever since the introduction of the worlds first handheld 360 camera back in 2013 Ricoh has been one of the leading producers of the popular 360 cameras. The use of 360° cameras are constantly increasing and now they release an upgrade to the popular Ricoh Theta SC 360° camera, With the release of the new Theta SC2 Ricoh makes 360° available for everyone. Small enough to fit in a pocket and shoot amazing spherical photos and 4K videos ready to use on social media.

The camera comes with a variety of shooting modes such as "Face" mode, which recognizes human faces and applies skin smoothing, and "Night View" mode for shooting low-noise footage after the sun goes down. Additionally, the camera can also be used as a live blogging camera and its easy to connect the camera to a smartphone via Bluetooth or wireless LAN for remote shooting.

This is the perfect camera for people who enjoy sharing pictures and videos on social media, or for those who wish to start using a 360° camera.

Key features

  • 4K video 30fps
  • New shooting modes
  • Available in different colors (pink, blue, beige, white)
  • App for editing 360 photos and videos
  • Can be used as a live blogging camera
  • Easy to use
  • Improved image sensor and image processing engine


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