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Sirui VHD-2004+VH-10 VIDEOKIT

Photo/Video Tripod with a Fluid Video Head and can be used both for video and photo.

The Sirui VHD-2004+VH-10 have a integrated ball head into the centre column and supports compact DSLR or midsize cameras weighing up to 15kgs.
A separate pan lock disengages and allows the head to rotate 360°. The ball also moves freely after unlocking the head’s lever lock, and at the same time the cut notch on the side of the head permits you to position a camera at a set angle.

The legs tighten with twist locks that adjust with a simple turn to extend the legs to a maximum height of 175cm.
A second, short centre column is included which allows you to drop the tripod to a minimum height of 23cm without having to lift the column up.
One of the tripod legs can be disconnected and can be used as a monopod.
A bubble level on the top of the legs helps with maintaining a level shot.
The rubber feet are removable and can be swapped out for optional spikes, and the tripod also features a 1/4″ accessory mount.

The VH-10 fluid head connects to the ball head and features two bubble levels and a telescoping pan handle. A quick release plate with 1/4″ and 3/8″ threaded mounting screws is included with the head.


Ūdens Līmeņu Skaits
Centrālā Kolonna
Galvas Stiprinājuma Veids
3/8", 1/4"
Kāju Aizslēga Veids
Twist Lock
Kāju Sekcijas
Quick Release
Statīva Pēdu Veidi
Spiked, Rubber
Kājas diametrs (mm)
28 mm
Galvas Veids
Max Kāju Augstums (mm)
1495 mm
Max Augstums (mm)
1845 mm
Min Augstums (mm)
325 mm
6 year(s)
Izmantošanas Jomas
Video, Nature, Mirrorless, DSLR, CSC
Svars (g)
3400 g
Max Lietderīgā Slodze (kg)
15 kg


EAN 6952060009575
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