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Energizer Hardcase Project Plus 4AA

For the most demanding tasks, look no further than the Energizer HARDCASE PROFESSIONAL PROJECTPLUS. With tool-quality construction and advanced LED technology, this light is designed to meet even the most challenging jobs.

Constructed with Professionals in mind, it withstands drop after drop, off a ladder or even a two story building. Featuring bright, uniform light with an extended beam distance, this light is built to provide a great combination of brightness and long runtime. The large push button switch and ergonomic handle allow for easy operation even with gloves, while adjustable light modes let the user decide the exact balance of brightness and runtime. In addition, this light is water resistant for user confidence even during extreme, outdoor tasks.


  • More compact for ease of use for all professional tasks
  • Built with rugged ABS plastic
  • Custom-designed optics
  • Improved brightness & impact resistance for better durability
  • 2 light modes for more convenience: Flood or Spot+Flood and adjustable beam output/ dimming for customised output and extended runtime
  • Weatherproof
  • Highly durable & robust - Survives a 7 meter drop
  • Designed to last 20 years
  • 4 x AA alkaline batteries included
  • Light modes: beam high, flood low, lowest dimming


Ūdens Noturīgs
Zibspuldzes Veids
Stara Distance (m)
125 m
Max Darbības Laiks (h)
50 h
Apgaismojums (LM)
400 LM
Baterijas Veids
2 year(s)
Svars (g)
214 g


Hardcase Project Plus 4AA
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