The VS series tripods present interesting possibilities thanks to the uniquie multifunction arm that can be rotated 360° when gripped. Directed upward, the VS tripod enables easy shooting of celestial bodies and fireworks. Turned downward, the VS series facilitates macro work and the photography of high buildings from low angles. In horizontol movement, the legs of the tripod can be opened to the low position for zooming with cinema/video effects by extending the elevator. The tripod that expands photographic options through its multiple modes of use. Four-section legs, geared center column, ball head, and tripod case are standard.


Centrālā Kolonna
Kāju Aizslēga Veids
Flip Lock
Kāju Sekcijas
Quick Release
Statīva Pēdu Veidi
Max Augstums (mm)
1605 mm
Max Kāju Augstums (mm)
1405 mm
Garums Salocītā Veidā (mm)
575 mm
Min Augstums (mm)
235 mm
Kājas diametrs (mm)
23 mm
Max Lietderīgā Slodze (kg)
3,5 kg
Galvas Veids
Ball Head
Svars (g)
1840 g


Multi VS-443D
VS 443D
EAN 4907990369840
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