Lūdzu, pievienojiet produktus savam grozam pirms izrakstīšanās

Lūdzu, pievienojiet produktus savam grozam pirms izrakstīšanās


Review of Samyang AF 14mm f/2.8

by our Norwegian ambassador Kenneth Sporsheim

Foto: Kenneth Sporsheim

Kenneth is a visual artist, photographer and videographer based in Norway with a passion for music, concert and tour photography. He has photographed many of the world’s most famous rock bands including Kiss, AC/DC, Green Day and Black Sabbath just to mention a few. Kenneth is also the house photographer for Norway’s biggest rock radio station Radio Rock. 


A question I often get, is what kind of lenses I recommend to always have in my bag. It often depends on your shooting style, but is there one thing I feel everyone should have available, is an extreme wide-angle lens.

I shoot events and concerts, and I'm there to document, so its important to not only deliver closeups, but also wide-angle to show the whole experience at a show. There are two things my employer always want delivered from a show; pictures that shows the whole stage and pictures that shows the audience. Both those are almost impossible at most stages with a 35mm, 50mm or similar.

So why do I recommend the Samyang AF 14mm F/2.8? Is it the best? No, not at all. But what you get for your money and what it can deliver for that price, is so good, it works for most people in most situations.

Sigma 14mm F/1.8 and Sony 14mm F/1.8 is the two most pros are aiming for. But in my opinion, they cost so much more then the Samyang and deliver more then most people need. You don’t need a Ferrari to drive to the store. An Audi is doing a good job too. 

My point here, is not to convince you that the Samyang is just as good as the the other two, but to tell and show that a cheaper options sometime can be a good choice if your budget isn’t the biggest.


  • Cheaper then most others

  • Center sharpness is good

  • Small

  • Does the job


  • A bit soft in the corners

  • Not good for video

  • AF a bit behind the pro options

  • Flare can be an issue

So, if you want an cheaper alternative to a good wide-angle, Samyang AF 14mm F/2.8 is a good choice. Not only at concerts and events, but also for landscape and astrophotography.

Original article can be found at Kenneth's web site.

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